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Gary Dolgoff (Gary D)

picture of gary dolgoffGary Dolgoff ('gdcomics') has been 'involved in comics', since the late 1960's, when he was 'but a lad', (his Dad, thankfully... never discouraged him...) In the 1980's, Gary started to get 'majorly involved', in the comics' business. Originally from New York City, Gary moved to New England in the late 90's in search of a picturesque home for he and his comics. When not spending leisure time on his motorcycle, or hiking or relaxing with his wife, family, and friends - Gary can usually be found 'elbow-deep' in funny books (and/or, on the phone). "We love selling to, and buying from, Dealers and Collectors around the world". He takes great pride, in 'following his father's example' of honesty, integrity and pride in his business, his 'lifes' work' (comic books)... Get to know Gary more by listening to his interview on comiczone radio, in three parts: part one | part two | part three

Credentials & 'Notables'...

Staff & Warehouse (Call to Visit Us!)

Gary Dolgoff Comics has a knowledgeable and diverse staff; most of whom have worked with Gary for many years. Along with Gary, his staff, is known to be 'into-it' and always 'good to go' and ready to help. Along with Gary, the manager known by many as merely 'the anvil', is largely responsible for maintaining the grading standards through the years. The staff is also replete with a supporting cast of other 'eccentric & educated' folks composed of: vocal 'aisle-gurus', master-mergers, 'warehouse-hands', and computer technicians.

The Warehouse (where there's always 800,000+ items in stock!)

view from our roofLocated in the mighty Eastworks building in Easthampton, Ma - this 5,000+ sq./ft facility constantly houses 800,000+ comic books, comic magazines, original comic art, & more.

Yes, we've got a 'large and varied' inventory!

Not to mention a staggering amount of 'new arrivals' that find their way into the warehouse every year!

visit us!

VISIT US! ('Easy to get to!') - CALL US & Set-up a Time to Visit!

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We're only a 2.75 hour drive from NYC and a 1.5 hour drive from Boston!

Only 45 minutes from BDL Airport (Hartford, CT) Contact us...

Our comics will be better than you expect! Strict Grading

Our Strict Grading

We genuinely pride ourselves on our 'strict grading' which is known worldwide to be among the strictest in the business, if not the strictest.

When you buy from us, you save 25%-50% when compared with 'Industry-Standard' grading.

Click here to see pictorial grading samples, and learn more about our grading.

Shipping & Packing

bullet proof packing!

At the GDCOMICS warehouse, your items are always handled with respect. Here is a quick break-down of our shipping and packing:

More Information

CALL US, TOLL-FREE: 1-866-830-4367

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